How to name dynamic text fields on the fly

Hey guys,

First of all, this forum is awesome–and my first post!

I’m trying to make a calendar that generates as many dynamic text fields as the number of days in the given month. For example, June would have 30 dynamic text fields, each field containing the day (1,2,3…). Clicking on one of the text fields/buttons/links would open a window displaying that day’s notes. Kind of like a journal. Anyways, how do I go about naming each of the dynamic fields?

for (i=0; i<numberOfDays; i++) {

[myMonth defined as june using getMonth() and an array]

myDay = i + 1;

WRONG: this.createTextField (myMonth+myDay, 1, 60, 60, 45, 15);

june4.text = myDay;

My goal is to get the name to be the month followed by the day. (ex: june4). What is the correct syntax for merging the two variables into the TextField filename?