How to not restart Background music after you off?

Well I have this website where I have put background music at the beginning, of course the music can be off and on, but when I come to main page again it starts playing. How to make it so that once I off it, it will stay off till I on it again? My file is at Thanks

I checked out your site and I couldn’t find the problem you were talking about, but I think I know what your talking about. Trying adding an extra variable in there such as:

when the sound is playing:
playing = true

and when the sound is off:
playing = false

so when the main page comes it can do a simple variable check:
if (playing == false) {

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

When you enter try to off the sound and go to one of the submenus, then go back to main page, then you will notice the sound automatically starts playing.

But thanks a lot, I got what you mean.