How to output flash variable in text.txt file

Hello everyone,
I guess I still am I newbie about Flash and I am going to be thankful for any help I might get over this:
I am traying to make some sort of a simple forum in flash. Problem occurs when I want to output contents of flash variable to file.
For example: I have inputText = “hello world how are you” variable. How can I output this inputText to an text.txt file, so that in text.txt will bi written “hello world how are you”.

I am dealing with this problem for a long time by now and I just can’t find the answer. If it’s impossible for flash to write files please tell me, so I won’t dig in endless hole anymore. And if it’s impossible then I am asking for help how to send variables from flash to PHP.

Thank you for all your answers!!!

it’s impossible to write to the web server from flash (projector has some methods, but not swfs).

you can send variables to a php script with getURL or by using methods of the LoadVars object


you can save stuff to a txt file on the users drive with the localObject, check the tutorial on, it produces a simple text file with the sol extension…php is much better though…

check for a good forum usign flash & php & mysql…or look at my own modified version :slight_smile: :

looks smoken Eyez