How to Pass Variables between Packages?

I am working a xml-loader class. My aim is to split xml-loading process to two different packages.[INDENT] 1. load data from external xml files.
2. stores the xml-data to the array for the further use.
3. Both packages are controlled by
4. ContentMOV.fla is completely without code.
[/INDENT]Tree hierarchy is following: quest01/website/classdocs[INDENT] 1. ContentMOV.fla is in quest01 folder,
2. is in website folder, and
3. and are both in classdocs folder.
[/INDENT]The DocumentClass path in fla-file is website.DocumentClass. “Browse to Path” is set from Edit/Preferences/ Language: ActionScript 3.0 Settings… to one folder before quest01 folder.

I have little experience on Actionscript 3 programming, but I just recently decided start working only with class-files. However, I am more familiar with visual basic programming (in Excel environment) and that affects quite much, how I try to approach to find solutions for programming issues. So for example, I am used to work with Global variables, but it seems that these don’t work in AS3.

Currently, the XMLLoader program opens the xml file and parse it to string. However, I am completely out of idea, how I can pass XMLDocument to the DocumentClass or XMLProcessor package. For example, I have tried following in DocumentClass:[INDENT] var XMLDocToEdit:xmlDocument = new xmlDocument();
[/INDENT]However, these lines cause two errors in compiler:[INDENT] 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: xmlDocument.
1180: Call to a possibly undefined method xmlDocument.
[/INDENT] is now as follows:

package website {
       import flash.display.Sprite;
       import flash.display.*;
       import flash.xml.XMLDocument;
       import flash.xml.XMLNode;
       mport flash.xml.XMLNodeType;
       // folder.folder.folder.classname    

       public class DocumentClass extends Sprite {
       public function DocumentClass() {
         var loadContent:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader("xml/questionnaire01.xml");
         loadContent.addEventListener("xmlParsed", callbackHandler);  
         function callbackHandler(event:Event) {  
            trace("MovieController: XML Data Loading Complete!"); 
            // var XMLDocToEdit:xmlDocument = new xmlDocument();
            // XMLDocToEdit.xmlDocument();
   } // public Class ends
}    // package ends :

package {
    import flash.xml.XMLDocument;
    import flash.xml.XMLNode;
    import flash.xml.XMLNodeType;
    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    public class XMLLoader extends EventDispatcher {

        // VARIABLES
        private var XMLData_array:Array;
        private var xmlData:XML;
        private var xmlLoader:URLLoader;
        private var XMLUrlReq:URLRequest;
        private var XML_URL:String;
        public var xDoc:XMLDocument;
        public function XMLLoader(url:String) {
            XMLData_array = new Array; 
            xmlData = new XML();
            XML_URL = url;
            xmlLoader = new URLLoader();
            trace("URL: ", url);
            XMLUrlReq = new URLRequest(XML_URL);
            xmlLoader = new URLLoader(XMLUrlReq);            
            xmlData.ignoreWhitespace = true;
            xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);
            xmlLoader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, handleError); 

        public function completeHandler(e:Event):void {
            xmlData = new XML(;        // stores loaded xmlData
            trace(xmlData);                         // shows the complete xml-file
            xDoc = new XMLDocument();
            xDoc.ignoreWhite = true;
            dispatchEvent(new Event("xmlParsed"));
        private function handleError(event:IOErrorEvent):void {
            trace("Error loading XML");
        public function xmlDocument():XMLDocument {
             return xDoc;
    } // Class ends
} // package ends

So the questions again are:[INDENT] 1. How I can transfer variables from packages to the packages? What is the best practice for that?
2. Is there some kind of option to build “global” variable to store XMLDocument?
[/INDENT]Best Regards