How to pause a movie


I hv loaded a movie (say mc1) in a frame using loadMovie. now if i click a button another movie (say mc2) will be loaded and i want the running movie (mc1) to stop at that point. and when i exit from the second movie (mc2). then mc1 should start from the point it was stopped last time.

seeking for an urgent help…

change myloadedmc to wherever your mc1 is loaded
for example or sth…
and change mctostop to the movieclip you want to stop in mc1.
for example if the button was in mc1 and it would be like this:
then the mctostop would be moviemovie.camel
and + moviemovie.camel = (+".stop();")
I hope you got it.
Just merge the 2 movieclip hierarchies and voila :slight_smile:

thanx syko but i m confused.
I will explain it again.
on the root timeline i hv an empty movie called “Mov_empty”. in side this i m loading a movie on runtime and store the movie name in a variable called “mov_name”. now on click of a button i want to stop the movie. what will be the path for that.
will it be
smthng else
i tried all these but none of them is working.

hum… what do you mean by “…store the movie name in a variable called “mov_name”…”
but it should be something like this:

i hv a navigation panel whenever i press next button the movie to be loaded is stored in a variable called “Mov_name” and then i use this variable to load a movie.

you mean the Mov_name is like “home.swf” and "links.swf or sth?
This thing has got nothing to do with swf file names ya know …

yup. its like that… but the way u told me its not stopping the movie.