How to produce an elastic effect?

I’ve seen it done on sites, and it’s totally baffled me. And I’m not talking about those nifty effects where the line twists, and flexes when it bounces back to it’s original size, I’m stuffed just with making a straight line have an elastic feel.\r\rHere’s what I want to do.\r\rHave the bottom of the line anchored, and the top part linked to an object which I can move with the mouse. Moving that object will not only stretch or shrink the line, but it would also change it’s angle based on where the object is.\r\rI’ve tried, but I’m baffled. Any help would be appreciated. Oh if there’s already tutorials on the whole elastic effect, ya can just point me there, I couldnt find any. :frowning:

Can someone delete this, I just registered on Ultrashock, and it has heaps of brilliant elastic tutorials.

awww. I was just looking for the answer for you.\r\rah well.

They have great stuff there… But I’ve never seen a tutorial about that. Which on is it ??\r\rpom 0]

Sorry upuaut8, better luck next time, and I’m sure I’ll be asking more quessies soon.\r\rilyaslamasse: under FLA’s, Experimental ActionScript, page 2(Elasticity).