How to put a Quicktime movie in Flash, but not as a sequence

Im doing my presentation cd, and i have some quicktime movie I wanna include, Since its gonna be in the CD, so i dont have to worry about the size. I tried put the quicktime file in one frame but when i play it, its nothing happen, blank!! ANYONE!!

unfortunately i’ve forgotten much of what i learned when i was trying to use these formats together. i do remember much frustration at the limitations.

you might try putting it in its own movie, and make that movie as long as it needs to be to play the whole qt movie.

i’d do what supra said…but i didn’t realy understand why u only wanted to to be in one frame??

one problem with having it in its own movie clip is that it will repeat itself over and over, so you would have to include a stop action at the end of it.

probably no help to you at all but at least im trying.