How to Q: on radiobutton triggering a movieclip

Hello brilliant people,
so here’s what I’m trying to do:

by selecting radiobutton1, image1 appears.
And then…
When selecting radiobutton2, image2 appears.
and since radiobutton1 is no longer selected (cause there in same group) then image1 goes away.
and so on.

I currently am planing on the radiobuttons to = an amount. so it’ll be like a total items type of deal.
so, what ever radiobutton is selected will send a total to the total box. at same time, I want it to trigger an image to appear.
(as in: just to show the cost of that radiobutton item.)
Simple right! :hr:
thats what I thought.

ps. I don’t want to use imageloader, unless the loader window can be transparent so I can see what is behind it once the image is loaded. I think i would use a MovieClip instead. (image is .gif for a reason)

if this is confusing to anyone, please speak up (a simple, “tell me more” or " :h:" is fine)
I’ll try and explain it better.