[HOW TO] - Random "Idea" Generator

I’m not sure how to do this project, so I need help where to begin or with what to do. Since I want it on my site, I think Flash/AS3 would be the best choice. Here’s how I envision it:

[SIZE=“4”]I need a “slot machine” style idea generator, aka a random column-based list(s) parser[/SIZE]

-I “roll the dice” by hitting “generate” and the program spits out a phrase from the list for each column that has a probability of hitting.

-It doesnt have to animate like an actual slot machine, rather I am just borrowing the concept.

-Each column can be individually selected and I can type in new content and add to the list, which would be written and saved to an XML file for EACH column.

-The first column would be a “Subject Matter” column. This randomly pulls from its XML and posts 100% of the time.

-Columns 2 and 3 would be secondary-Subject columns and would only hit based on probability. Specifically, they may only post content 50% or 25% of the time the program is run.

-Column 4 would be Color Scheme. Perhaps 10% of the time it says “user choice”, 80% of the time it spits back from the XML (hexadecimal color lists, or words simply like “cool,” “warm,” “scary,” “pop,” “fall,” “spring,” etc.) The last 10% of the time it would pull from Kuler or ColourLovers, or even run its own extraction on a random photo from Flickr or Google Images.

-Column 5 would be Media and would post 100% of the time from the XML. (CD design, Website, Poster, Album art, T-shirt, etc.) This would work exactly like column 1, but with a different list.

-Finally, column 6 would be the style. 10% probability will be “user choice” while the remaining 90% would pick from the XML list (vector style, grungey, pop, corporate, etc).

Is this even possible? Can anyone help me with this? I think its a neat idea.