How to read the actionscript in the movieclip of the library?

Hi, I had a problem associating with the movieClips (not swf) in the library. I dragged and put all these movieclips on the stage. As u could see from my attached file, all the actionscripts are written inside the movieclips itself individually and none on the stage. The actionscript written in the movieclip is actually to load my CSS file so that the movieclip can change with the css. However, when I first run the fla file as swf, the movieclip appeared initially without css (color change), but after a few sec, the css appeared, which resulted in the “jerky” action. I know this may sounds confusing but if u could take a look at my attached file and run t urself, u’ll see wad I mean. Anyone can help? Any help is greatly appreciated! :rambo: