How to refer to the parent container from SWF

Hi all,
I have 3 SWFs.
X.SWF - Parent application. Contains an empty movie clip for loading external swfs using loadClip() method.
B.SWF - Has some text and pics. Gets loaded into the empty movieclip on X.SWF. Also has a button saying ‘Load A.SWF’.
A.SWF - Similar to B.SWF with a button saying ‘Load B.SWF’.
When I start the main application (X.SWF) and load B.SWF into it all is fine.
But would like to click on the ‘Load A.SWF’ button on B.SWF and load A.SWF into X.SWF. And visa-vesa.
The problem is I’m not able to refer to the parent container (X) from these child (A and B) SWFs.
Is there any way to do this?