How to rel.position items and scale background?

I’m creating a flash site which I’m building out of several levels of swfs. I can’t figure out how to do the folowing:

  • I want to have a background which fills my whole webbrowser and scales with it. That’d be 100%x100% at the level0 I guess. The thing is I want to have a bitmap tile there which does not scale with it. Resizing of the browser window should only expose or hide the extra background space.

  • Further I want to load all the subsequent levels above it, but I want them to be centred in my browser window also during and after resizing of this browser window. I don’t want these levels to scale either.

  • I’d like to place various elements in some levels above my backgroud level which are right or left or bottom alligned (with an amount of margin) relatively to the size of my browser window.

Please give me some advise on this.

Tnx in advance, jahrek