How to remove an externally loaded swf?

i am trying to remove an external swf from my main movie. it doesnt want to go away! does anyone know how to do this? i tried to use:

on (press) {

but it didnt work. it just made the move get stuck.

here is what it looks like now:

i am attaching the file here:

thanks for your help!



I tried the code, but it didnt seem to work. It made the whole movie disappear.


any other ideas?
im stumped.

whoops. try


it works, but only one time then it leaves both of the external swfs on the main movie. i just dont understand why its doing this. code is so annoying. urrr!

here is what i did so far:

the fla file:

(thank you)

in the people_mc, you forgot to put the unloadMovie("_root.text");

oh. ok! thanks for your help