How to save output

I am now editting a lottery program by using actionscript, so I must output the results to a external file to show my justice and the exactness of the results!
So can you give me some examples about how to output the results?
Meanwhile I will try my best to do that!

so you want some text (the results) to be outputted to an text file? Am i reading this correctly?

It is exactly what I mean!

And that’s exactly what my first post concerned. Let me clarify ‘client-side’ and ‘server-side’. Client side means that the user is going to download the individual projector file and the file is going to be saved on the person’s computer. by server-side i mean that the user is going to run the swf file embedded into an HTML file off the server (ie, and the results are going to be saved on the server either using a database or a textfile. [refer to previous post]