How to scroll-into-view cropped toolbar contents?


I am running into a strange issue that I don’t know how to workaround. On my laptop, the contents of the right toolbar gets cut because there isn’t enough vertical resolution:

How do I scroll that list up/down to see all of the items? I did a Google search but couldn’t figure out what needs to be done.

Kirupa :floppy_disk:


You’ve left out a bit of context here: What app and OS + version are you using?


This is Adobe Animate, and I am on Mojave on a 2018 Macbook Air (2560x1600?)


@senocular :smile:

@kirupa, Does entering fullscreen mode help, or resizing the app window? Does the panel scroll when hovered over? You can always opt to increase the tool panel size (drag its edge) to have multiple tools appear side by side. All just suggestions from a non-CC user. ;–)


There is no scrolling for toolbar icons. You either need to resize the panel (make it wider for 2 [or more] columns) or collapse into an icon to make it a pop-out.


I had no idea you could make the toolbar wider. Thanks @senocular, @prg9 :stuck_out_tongue: