How to Secure Source Code

I have a flash remoting storefront I developed that I want to start protecting the source code to. The main FLA is quite extensive with a lot of layers, movie clips, and such. Most of the ActionScript is seperated out into seperate .AS files though, some classes, others just function files.

Is there a way to secure my source code, encrypt, obfuscate, or other the .AS files? I need developers to still access the .FLA for design purposes. or is there a simple way to make these .AS files secure?

I was thinking of moving all my actionscript to the fla and all my movies into seperate swfs to be loaded, then securing the one .fla, but users could still duplicate the entire project as many times as they wanted…

not sure what to do here.

Josh Jones

interesting topic on the table here indeed -

think alot of people have interest in this…

maybe some expert will come in here - and maybe give a little hint:stare: