How to send ecard with email?

I’m creating a flash greeting card for a friend of mine. I have the animation complete. The problem is figuring out how to save it and email it so he can view it in e mail. If anyone has any idea on how this can be achieved, I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

I don’t want to send exe or link with mail.

I want to send webpage which cotain swf with mail.



How about saving it as a .gif and then attaching it inside your E-mail?


I think they mean so other people can make cards from their site and send them to friends.

I have no clue… definitely involved PHP though.

You sure Lost? Read his post, it sounds like he made a card for his friend and is trying to send it to him.


OOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I so misread that :-\ 1:20 am here and I am very tired, maybe that is why, maybe I was just being stupid at the time of reading, who knows, who cares… what was said was said… :slight_smile:

Ok, well the only way I could think to embed a .swf file into an email would be to post the embed code in there with a full URL to your movie so that when your friend opens it the movie will show.

But your friend must have HTML enabled e-mail if it is going to work (or if it is going to work at all, not sure, never tried)

w00t only 10:20 here, and I think I’m gonna go to bed! w00t



Goodnight, I am off to bed soon as well.

why are you against a link?? If you use one of those eCard services on the net they send you something like this:

so-and-so sends you a message of such-and-such:

you could use your own hosting, or get some free and do it like that.

Otherwise the only way would be like Lost said - HTML enabled emailed… and even if he has it it is VERY unreliable (in my experience) as far as visual outcome.


Hey Ryall, I was wrong when I stated what I thought ranish was trying to do.

He wasn’t trying to run a service, but get a card to his friend.