How to stop an external loading


I’ve tried browsing a lot everywhere but I could not find a solution to the following problem:

  • I need to call loadSound() multiple times, to load different mp3s time to time, all of them in streaming. But as I call it more the once on the same instance the old mp3s keeps anyway loading… how do I stop that?

In AS3 would be a simple .close(); … but I can’t really figure out how to do that in AS2.

Here some sample code:

// Works and Plays
_global.global_music = new Sound(this);
_global.global_music.loadSound(‘music/song1.mp3’, true);
// Stop and attemp to load the other one while the song1.mp3 is still loading
_global.global_music = new Sound(this);
_global.global_music.loadSound(‘music/song2.mp3’, true);

The song2.mp3 plays correctly but it’s still loading the song1.mp3 in the background.

Thanks in advance,

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