How to stop Flash Video Audio


I’m pretty new at flash and I am having a problem that I am hoping has a simple fix. I’ve spent a week trying to find a solution on all kinds of forums and tutorials with no luck.

I have a video on my site (progressive download, flv file, imported using flash cs3 video encoder) and I used the FLVPlayback component with a simple skin. The video works great, my only problem is that I want the sound to stop when I click on other buttons on the page. The way I designed the site (maybe not a great set up) everything is in one big swf file, so when you click on another button on the page to show another project, the sound from the video file (that is no longer showing) is still playing.

You can see the problem here:
(Go to “Projects” and then the video is in the third little box labeled LABTAB)

Any help would be so appreciated with this. I’m really hoping that I don’t have to modify the whole site just to make this one video work correctly…