How to stop white backround flash when loading?


when my page is loading, i notice that sometimes my movies flash a white background for a split second before running. i was wondering how i might get rid of this?

I have noticed that myself. I dont think there’s anything you can do about it. It just shows that b4 it loads the beginning of tha movie and see’s tha background iz a different color

arrgh…there HAS to be a way to correct this. it looks terrible

reduce the time it remains White by making the size of your preloader as low as possible. or do what i did for and just make your entire HTML white also. other than that im not sure there is anything one can do.

i don’t use a preloader. it’s only a little clip i’m using

Thheeennnnnn I have no idea lol

I dun think there’s a way to correct it it’s jus how it iz

It reads tha HTML b4 tha flash…and it places a whitebackground as default where tha flash iz supposed to be inside tha HTML, until the movie begins to load.

Making it a transparent object will often help on IE… I haven’t really figured out how to solve that problem though. I think that this is one of the banes of all of our existances.

oh well, guess i’m stuck with it. at least i’m not the only one =)

Its very easy to solve this problem.

when u finished ur flash animatoin press (Ctrl+M) (Movie Properties) and change ur background Color as u like. I think this may be correct way just try.


this works sometimes, but there have been times when the movie backround is black but shows up white.