How to tell which clip should play on mouseDown

Hi, I’m new to actionscripting but am fascinated by it. I’m trying to make a movie for my grand daughter to play with. I made a movie clip named dolly and inside this movie clip I put 8 movie clips. Each of these 8 clips has a different animation of the dolly walking different ways (frontward, backward, sideways, 3/4 ways, etc.) I found this actionscript and it works great to just move the dolly clip around.
on frame1: startDrag(“drag”, true);
then on a movie clip named drag:
on (release) {
_root.target_x = _root._xmouse;
_root.target_y = _root._ymouse;
_root.xdiv = (_root.target_x-_root.dolly._x)/20;
_root.ydiv = (_root.target_y-_root.dolly._y)/20;
if (_root.running == true) {
_root.controller.loops = 0;
and in a movie clip named controller:
frame 1 - stop();
loops = 0;
_root.running = false;
frame2 - _root.running = true;
_root.dolly._x += _root.xdiv;
_root.dolly._y += _root.ydiv;
frame 3 - loops++;
_root.dolly._x += _root.xdiv;
_root.dolly._y += _root.ydiv;
if (loops < 20) {
} else {

I love how the dolly goes wherever I click the mouse but I want the clips inside the dolly movie clip to play ( like the walking sideways toward the right) one to play when the mouse is clicked on the right side of the dolly clip, or the front walking clip when the mouse is clicked on the screen below the dolly movie clip.
I hope you can understand my explanation and can help. Thanks a lot, tizmepat