how to update flash player for readGraphicsData() method

i used readGraphicsData() method but i got this error:
Error #1069: Property readGraphicsData not found on flash.display.Graphics and there is no default value.

i used flash cs6 version and flash player 11.4.downloaded playerglobal11_6.swc and crated folder with name FP11.6 and then added FlashPlayer11_6.xml to Players folder and switched to target this version

the Question is: how can I update flash player and used its methods with no errors

Download the newest version, its on like 21 or 22 now

i downloaded And added this new version but in testing movie by ctrl+enter flash used version 11.4 and return error.
ctrl+shift+enter testing in debug mod used the new can i use new version in testing movie by ctrl+enter keys(sorry for my poor english)

update:how to save readGraphicsData result as xml?