How to upload images using PHP

Uploading a file is a basic requirement of most of the websites. In this post, I will explain in detail about how to upload an image using PHP.

First of all, we will add HTML code to display the browse button to upload an image:

<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"  ACTION="_URL_" METHOD=POST>
Upload this file: <INPUT NAME="userfile" TYPE="file">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send File"></FORM>

This code will display a text area with a browse button to upload an image. Then I’ll add PHP code for processing of file upload:

if ($userfile_size >250000){$msg=$msg."Your  uploaded file size is more than 250KB so please reduce the file size and then  upload. Visit the help page to know how to reduce the file size.<BR>";$file_upload="false";}

Now, we will check that only jpeg or gif files can be uploaded into our server:

if (!($userfile_type =="image/pjpeg"  OR $userfile_type=="image/gif")){$msg=$msg."Your uploaded file must be of JPG or  GIF. Other file types are not allowed<BR>";$file_upload="false";}

Finally, running this script will add the file to the mentioned directory:

if(move_uploaded_file ($userfile,  $add)){
// do your coding here to give a thanks message or any other thing.}else{echo "Failed to upload file Contact Site admin to fix the problem";}