How to use email address from .xml in getURL action?

I am working on transforming a gallery into an XML-loaded one which is working very well thanks to all the tutorials and posts here at Kirupas!

However, if I want to make this gallery-site completely updatable through the .xml document(s) it seems I need to be able to put in an emailaddress coming from the .xml into a getURL-action. Is this possible?

If I import the email address from a .txt file with newLoadVars I can make the text htmlText and in that way make it a link. It doesn’t seem to work with xml.

I have made the address into <![CDATA[[> but it doesn’t work.
My code:[AS] = xmlNode0.childNodes[10].firstChild.nodeValue;[/AS]and the xml:

<emailaddress><![CDATA[<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>]]></emailaddress>

The text displays fine but the action doesn’t happen.