How to use the typewriter effect with an external text file?

I would like to use the typewriter effect (Daniel Skovli, Tutorial 36) using an external text file…is that possible? and can I set the typewriter to run as soon as it’s loaded without having to use a button? I’m an AS code novice so please assume I know nothing! well maybe a bit :slight_smile:

Where’s the code for the effect you’re using?

Hi there…I’ve copied the text from the first frame of the script…I’ve also attached the .fla …thank you :slight_smile:

// set our counting-variable to starting point
q = 1;
// declare the text that we are going to use.
text = “This is an example of the actionscript typewriter. It takes less space (kb)
than a masked animation, and if you like - you can load text from
txtfiles and have them typed out here. The speed depends on your
movies framerate. Just remember that there is a limit for how much text
a single variable can hold. Enjoy :o)”;
//loadVariablesNum(“jobs.txt”, 0);
// stop the movie. wait for other commands

I couldnt open your fla.

…I’ve zipped it this time, hope that works…

…just in case that doesn’t work I’ve attched some screen grabs …

Here it is.

love it !!

One question is there a way to make it to read “åäö”.? i´m from sweden :} . The only way i´w manage to reade åäö is to set the publishing to flash player 5 tut then the text inporting script dos not work??


Open your file in notepad or any other ascii editor, and save it as unicode.

Thanke you sooooo much.I´w been trying to figur that ut for a long time.Love you ! by the way have you any idea how to make a scroll like they have on this site If yo lock at ther news or calender .It´s so nice.



one more thing do you know how to get external text in to this!



And for that effect, you have to know how to have one movieclip affecting the _y position of all the others.

…got it sorted in the end with help from the author, thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

just visited that site: …fantastic! how do they get the images to float around the screen like that and with that slight bounce effect as they settle into place…seeing stuff like that makes you (me) feel a bit hopeless :frowning:

The scrolling code is great! clever b’s