How to view ActionScript 1.0 code from a FLA today?

There are some old examples I’d like to convert to JavaScript, but opening them in the latest version of Animate returns an unsupported error with all of the code removed. I googled around for a few solutions, and I couldn’t find any that would have helped. Should I just use a SWF decompiler instead?

Long time reader, first time poster on a Flash topic in years :older_man:

I’m not in front of a computer right now, but:

How old are the files?

Adobe might still distribute Flash CS6 if you’re a CC subscriber. If your OS is too new, a VM of some older OS should work.

Ah; here, if you have one of your old license keys around they’ll probably still work:


The files are from 2001 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll download the older Flash CS edition. Didn’t think about going that far back, but that should work hopefully.

Yeah, I remember there was one version of the authoring tool that was the first to drop backward compatibility with AS1/2 and those document formats. So everyone kept a copy of the version before it installed too.