How to work on the web already uploaded to the server?

I have published my site ( after spending many hours building it with the help of your excellent book. I don’t understand how to edit pages that are already live on the server ( I can change pages on my hard drive and upload them, but how do I make changes on the live site?

What am I missing?


Hey wooliedales,
Launch Internet Explorer and display your home page ( Once the site has loaded, press the Edit button on your Internet Explorer toolbar. FrontPage will launch, and you will see a dialog box asking for your username and password.

Once you enter your username and password, press OK. You will be able to view your Web within FrontPage. You should be able to view/update/configure files and web settings all within FrontPage and without having to download files to your hard drive. Go to View | Folders to see all the files and folders found on your site.


Thanks for your very prompt reply.
Using IE 6.0, when I click EDIT in the toolbar, I have options to edit with FrontPage, Word or Excel. I choose FrontPage and a ‘Program Not Found’ window opens with the message: “cannot find o4.exe. This program is needed for opening files of the type ‘HTM File’.”

I searced my C<img src= ALT=":"> drive and cannot locate o4.exe.

What now?

Thanks again,


Hello again wooliedales,
Go to FrontPage and navigate to File | Open Web. The Open Web dialog box will appear. Enter the address of your Web site in the Web name field and press Open. You will be prompted for your site’s pasword, etc.

After entering your password and username, press OK. You will see a listing of your site’s folders displayed. Simply press the Open button again. Go to View | Folders to view your FrontPage web stored online. You can open, edit, and modify your files easily on the server itself. In the future, you can go to File | Recent Webs and select your Web for easy finding!

Hey Kirupa…

Thanks. Your answer worked. I appreciate all your help