How undelete --> "delete this.onRollOver;"?

I’m trying to change color on a text. (onRollOVer, onRollOut and onRelease).
When it’s onRealease, I want this text in one color.
Ok this code bellow works… :ne:
But, because I have deleted the onRollover and onRollOut, these effects will not be applied anymore…
How can I “undelete” this ???
I’ve tried with delete this.onEnterFrame;, but it does not works!
Thanks for your help…

orig = "0xFFFFFF"; 
overSt = "0x980F08"; 
prSt = "0xFFCC00"; 
//item = duplicateMovieClip 
item.onRollOver = function() { 
	 Color_mcbase = new Color(this); 
item.onRollOut = function() { 
	 Color_mcbase = new Color(this); 
item.onRelease = function() { 
delete this.onEnterFrame; 
this.onEnterFrame = function() { 
	 delete this.onRollOver; 
	 delete this.onRollOut; 
Color_mcbase = new Color(this); 
for (var i = 0; i<cant; i++) { 
	 if (_root.mc_scroll["base"+i] != this){ 
		 reset_color = new Color(_root.mc_scroll["base"+i]);