How was this made - navigation


Im not sure if this thread belongs here. Dont know how to categorize my question.

If you can please take a look at this site.
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Right in the center, it has this rotating navigation thingie. When you click on it, it zooms in and acts as a menu.

I was wondering how was this made. Maybe with a 3D App or just plain Flash or what?

Any ideas?

Anybody? Is my question really that hard? c’mon…

it’s just a 3d system really with it rotating around the ball well not realyl rotating it just uses physics to convert from 3d to 2d using alpha channel and positons…

it’s hard to explain but uhm basically just alpha/positions/scaling and the buttons wont work at a certain scale

So it wasnt really made in a 3d app? just plain flash and actionscript? right?

Thanks man. Just what i was looking for. :thumb2:

I know Its a Kool Tut. God Bless senocular