How would you do this?

i really like the idea for what they have done on the entry page to this site. just wondering what is involved with creating the whole “leave a message for someone”? when i saw that there was this footer contest i thought of something like that but i have no time to experiment at the moment…maybe i can do it for the next footer contest…:whistle:


just click the “Leave a message for next scumbbag”

thanks kirupa ppl

probably transparent png’s or gif’s and the one that flashes is in flash. and a shout box… (i think)

but the message would need to be coded somehow so when the next person comes to the site the new message is there right?

it’s easy… it’s in flash and PHP. You have a text file on the server, and when flash loads it uses LoadVariables() to get whatever the text file says. When you submit a message, it sends the text as a variable to a php script that will write the message to the text file. It’s really easy to do.

ahh ok, coolness…i guess prob too complex for a footer though right?

no… it’s pretty good for a footer… you should try it. The only problem I see is with people putting naughty words in it…

yeah thats a good point, some if statements would fix that though probably

if string = “naughty word” then
“naughty word” = ****
same thing i guess

thats just a blind stab at what it might be like

yup. But just remember, there’s about 600 naughty words or phrases…

what a pain in the arse!! haha :stuck_out_tongue: hmmmmm that would definitely make the code fairly long…i guess bumping up the total size of the footer :-\

nah… I doubt it’d go over 15 even with that code… if you do it right.

But do it…

yeah i will do it…in a few weeks time (maybe 2 months) once exams are all over…

if you do it right.

hehe might take me a while to get it right…dont know anything about php yet and at the moment i wouldnt know how to cut the naughty words out…anyway we’ll see what happens…

me :sleep: now

i think thats cool. and yeah i suppose it would be simple…