How'd he do that?

One of my favorite webdesigners has an older site that I like. . How did he do the page turning effect? Thanks in advance -Stone6

i’ve definitely seen a very good tutorial for this exact thing – i just can’t remember where. the alicia keys website has the same thing going on. just keep searching on google and you’ll find the tutorial. it was very popular not too long ago. - fumeng.

im thinking its some kind of mask effect where each click will move the mask accordingly. The animation of the page flip looks like a simple graphic that just gets larger. ill be interested to find out how he did it though…

I dont think this example is like the page turn effect from alicia keyes, But more of a masking and motion tween.

Hey stone6,

Check this out tell me what you think :slight_smile:

dude that is so cool…but since i dont read whatever language that is…could you figure out where to DL the fla? Thanks -Stone6

That is one of the coolest effects I’ve saw in a while! Great job, for sure.

I spent 5 minutes just messing with different mouse movements on the page turning.


ps. a .fla wouldn’t be sneered at…:wink:

Hey Guys,

Just open the book and read page 3, download it right there:) You aslo can change the language of the site in the bottom right coner. I hope this helps you guys:)

Playapierce that is brilliant sh*T!!!
Thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us.

No prob guys :wink: