How'd they do these effects? clickable,scolling,images


The home page has scrolling images that hold on the screen. If you rollover the image, some text gives information. If you click it, you go to that image’s section, otherwise the next image loads. There is also a cool effect as each image loads. What is that?

Great site.

Similar effect occurs on the contact page as you click between HQ ‘contacts’ and Brand ‘contacts’.

ouch that effect hurts my eyes but it’s pretty simple

i can’t explain the math of it involved to you off the top of my head but you should search for a file with a similar effect and then adapt it.

as far as the clickable part of it … my guess would be that the images themselves are not clickable but rather theres an invisible button over them that has two actions … one to display that text in the top left like a roll over image and the other to getURL or whatever they want it to do when you click.

pretty simple really … but visually that thing is too jerky for me :slight_smile:

hope this helps

if you have more specific quesitions about it … let me know, i’ll to my best to answer