Hte button wont go away!

i just made an mp3 player.

everything works, but theres oone cosmetic problem that doesnt want to go away!

i have the pasue and play button in the same spot. whe the movie first loads, only the play button should be visible, but both pause and play buttons appear.

you can see the swf here

as you can see, the pause button is viewable too.

this is the code i have for it at resting state (the state at which it is when it first loads)

// play button
 play_btn.onRelease = function() {
// pause button
pause_btn.onRelease = function() {
 this._visible = 0;
 play_btn._visible = 1;
 pausePos = MySound.position/1000;
 top.equalizer._visible = 0;

then when you click play… it pops up. if you test out the mp3 player, it all works fine, even the pause and play buttons. its just when it first loads.

any ideas?

thanks for any help