Html e-mail font/color problem


I have a contact form on my website which forwards the messages to me via a php script using htmlMimeMail. All works great except the body of the message is turquoise in color and huge font (verdana 37) (both in thunderbird and outlook, in the latter the font size is ok). The headers (name and email) are fine.

This is the php script:

//extract data from the post array. this data comes from flash

//include the email class file

//create an instance of the email class/ object
$mail = new htmlMimeMail();

//define a variable to store the html content of our email to be sent
$html = “A message from website: <br><br>
<b>Email:</b><a href=‘mailto:$email’>$email</a><br>
End of Message”;

//set the html content of our email

//who the email comes from
$mail->setFrom($from . ‘<’ . $email . ‘>’);

//the subject of the email
$mail->setSubject(“A message from website”);

//send the email and store the result that gets returned in a variable called $mail_success.
$mail_success = $mail->send(array("[email protected], [email protected]"), ‘smtp’);

//check if mail_success is true and notify flash
if ($mail_success == true) {
echo ‘&successvar=1&’;
} else {
echo ‘&successvar=0&’;

So, where is the color of the $message and the font size set? How would I change it?

Thanks in advance!