html email and outlook

hello everyone,
I am new to whole html email coding. however I am assigned to a task: to create an html email newsletter. and I think I am doing great for the most part. I started by utilizing a free dreamweaver email template and I inserted some of my css and some tables and I managed to make it look the way I want it to look for ms outlook, but other email clients look slightly off.

I also attached html file I am working on and maybe someone can help me to identify the issue . I lost sleep over this lol
I need professionals to look at it.

ok so here is comparison:

html zipped file here

by the way big Krupa reader

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Trying to figure out e-mail newsletter formatting issues is probably one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do! One thing that I’ve done (and learned from) is by creating newsletters in mailchimp. They provide a nice visual editor for creating the newsletter, and they take care of a lot of these formatting issues when they generate their markup.

Send the mailchimp-designed newsletter to yourself, view the source, and see what they’ve done differently :slight_smile: