Html-enabled textArea: how to set fontFamily?

I’ve searched and searched but nothing seems to work.

I’m trying to change the fontfamily of the textArea component, but it only seems to work when the html property is set to false.

I tried it using the instancename like:

myTextArea.setStyle("embedFonts", "true");

and I tried setting a global style:

_global.styles.TextArea = new mx.styles.CSSStyleDeclaration();
_global.styles.TextArea.setStyle("embedFonts", "true");
_global.styles.TextArea.setStyle("fontFamily", "Georgia");

but without success thusfar. BTW: I’ve also the font to the library and set the linkage ID.

Can somebody please try to explain to me if this is possible at all, and if it is: how???

Thanks in advance.