Html & external swf links

Hello everyone.

I have a main file,which loads some external swf files.These external swf files load some html text in dynamic textfields.These html texts also contain links.Is it possible, to link in one of the external swfs,using html?

Thanks in advance.

Providing that the dynamic textfields:
a) have their html property set to true, e.g. texfield.html = true; and
b) the text is set to HTML, e.g. textfield.htmlText = "your text here"
then any anchor tags in your text should work, e.g. “<a href=‘’ target=’_blank’>Go to Adobe</a>”;

Hey there,thanks for the answer.
Well the html texts come from external txt files.Links work fine.
The thing is that my file is a full flash template,which has a navigation that loads the external swf files.
What I want is,when I click in one of the links(which are placed in the external txt files) to load the external swf files in the main file,like the flash navigation I have created works.

I’m afraid that that is an entirely different question. Take a look at the following thread…you will need to create a function to load your external SWFs (using the MovieClipLoaderClass or movieclip.LoadMovie or loadMovie) which you can then call using the asfunction contained in your link:

I’d suggest that you change the parameter (in the example it’s the scroll number to move to) and replace it with the name of the external SWF you want to load.

You probably misunderstood my question.Loading the external swf files and the external txt is not a problem.
I just want to point to an external swf to be loaded in the main file,when one of the links(which are placed in the external txt file)is clicked.This is pretty easy , if you do it in flash,using the method you said.But the links are in the external txt file.