HTML/Flash Intro

I am new at flash and eager to learn.\r\rI am having trouble with Flash and HTML pages. I use Frontpage for web design. I have a Flash Intro automatically popping up in a Java Script window from a blank html page (the background). I am using the plug in software J-bots for the java window. I like this strategy for the intro because the java window is smaller and can be customized.\r\rI would like a button to link back to a different html page (index2) from the java window when the movie is over. I was thinking that another way to do this would be to have the java window automatically close using an interval, but I am not sure how to make Frontpage automatically switch over to a new page.\r\rAny help would be appreciated, otherwise, I’ll keep trying other things.

Nevermind…I figured it out. The j-bots software contains a component that lets you set a timer for a page re-direct. I closed out the java window (flash movie) with a timer, then used the j-bots redirect timer to goto the index2.\r\rFor all of you out there that want to integrate Flash into Frontpage but dont know a lot of Java, take a look at j-bots.\r

just for your reference. If you have one page create a popup window with flash content in it, you can have the flash content control the main page with the getUrl command. Use the option in getUrl which says “Parent” in the “location” drop down menu. It will load the gotten url into the window that spawned the window that it is inside of.