Html from xml will not load into a movieclip, please help

Hi I have a swf file with one dynamic text box and a ui scroll bar beside it. I have this AS code:

var theXML1 = new XML();
theXML1.ignoreWhite = true;

theXML1.onLoad = function(succes:Boolean)
if (succes)
_root.article1_txt.htmlText = theXML1;

                         else {
                                _root.article1_txt.htmlText = "Error loading data.";


This loads my html to article1_txt fine. When I load this swf (which is an about me page and works ok when viewed alone) into my main container the xml contents will not load. The scroller will load though. All my swf files are in the same directory so I don’t think it can be that. Any ideas as to why it will not load?