Html full screen window

hello. I know that this is mostly for flash, but I thought that maybe someone here could help me. I wanted to know how to open a window in full screen from a button in html created in dreamweaver. I have this script:


The problem is I do not know the correct syntax to add to the button on the page. This is what I have found

<input type=“button” onClick=“fullwin()” value=“Open Full Screen Window”>

However, the script above includes a button component. I have a button already created from Image ready…I dont know what to do…

Thanks for reading.

hi Hunnie… bear with me if i’ve got the wrong end of the stick, but here’s some code that’ll do what i think you are after:

first of all, some javascript to put in the ‘head’ of the page:

function winopen()
 var targeturl="your_page_here.html""","","scrollbars,toolbar,status")
 if (document.all){

this will open a page you define (the ‘targeturl’) full screen (the top left corner of the new window is positioned at coordinates ‘0,0’ on your screen, i.e. in the very top left of the screen); if you don’t want the new window to show any toolbars or buttons, just remove the ‘scrollbars,toolbar,status’ part

you ‘call’ this function by writing an html link as follows…

<a href="javascript:winopen();"><img src="img/your_button.gif" alt="" width="00" height="20" border="0"></a>

…and substitute the button you created in image ready for the img above…