HTML/JavaScript Developer to Fi New York or Stockholm

[COLOR=black]Fi is recognized as one of the leading interactive companies in the industry today. We are located in New York City and in Stockholm, Sweden.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]We are growing our team and are now looking for an HTML/JavaScript Developer to join both Fi Stockholm and New York![/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]This is an exciting time for Fi, as we will be releasing many projects in the near future, including smaller projects for: Nintendo, [URL=“”]Porsche, SAS and Electrolux. These sites are a perfect complement to our [/COLOR]ongoing[COLOR=black] development of major portals and proprietary platforms; expect big things from Fi in 2008![/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Fi tackles every project with unparalleled passion. To reach our full potential, we consume a spectrum of technologies to reach the perfect solution. Since Flash often goes hand-in-hand with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/AJAX, we are rapidly growing in both these areas and would like to get in touch with the best talent out there.[/COLOR]


  • At least 4 years of commercial development experience.
  • Experience in hand-coding XHTML pages.
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS.

Experience in:

  • Object oriented JavaScript.
  • Converting complex design comps into a CSS/table-less XHTML layout.
  • Developing Ajax web applications.
  • Developing content that is separated from presentation and behavior.
  • Working with and parsing XML/JSON/GET/POST in JavaScript.
  • Browser inconsistencies and methods of overcoming them.
  • Standards based web development set by the W3C.
  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop and image optimization.

Experience in/Knowledge of the following is merited:

  • JavaScript library such as Prototype, Dojo or similar.
  • Working in the Eclipse IDE.
  • Public API’s such as Flickr, Google maps or Facebook.
  • Integrating Flash and JavaScript with external interface and SWFObject.
  • A server side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, Ruby, Python.
  • Java, C/C++.
  • OOP design patterns.

[COLOR=black]Check out the office spaces that house the Fi team and read more about our job openings at [COLOR=black][/COLOR] or send your application to [COLOR=black][U][email protected]–[/U][/COLOR][/COLOR]<!-- / message -->