HTML page, FLASH menu

Greetings friends,

Q: What are the options for me, if i want to use on my page:
>flash menu for navigation
>html+CSS pages for content

I want my page to be html, because things such as HTML tables are not recognized/displayed by flash.

I searched forums on this topic and found _this thread. In short it suggests to create HTML page with 2 frames, one containing FLASH MENU, another containing HTML content, so that when i click button in FLASH menu, flash executes function:

 on (release) {

and new HTML page WITH 2 frames is preloaded again. Inside 1st frame is FLASH menu AGAIN and in the second frame NEW HTML content.

Q1: Is there a way to make this more effective? Like for ex. for flash to say “preload “this.html” into “this.frame””?

Q2: What if i would like to use DIVs instead of Frames and place FLASH MENU inside DIV?

Any additional suggestions welcomed.