Html tags in dynamic textbox - should be easy

Is there some kind of order that html tags have to be in to work? I have this in my textfile:

sortMC=<b><u>Memos</u></b><br><FONT COLOR=’#738DD9’><a href = “”><u>blah website</u></a></FONT><br>

The underlined colored text link to “blah website” works fine as does all text coming after the last break <br> tag (not shown here). However the first part - <b><u>Memos</u></b> doesn’t work (that first <br> does though as I can see the breaks in between sections of text that I have set up). Is there a simple explanation for this? I have tried using <B> </B> also and still no luck.

Thanks for any help!

… try putting a space between the = sign and the <b>

let me know if that helps. sometimes these things are finicky.

~~ Seretha :love:

actually, i just found this… one of my text files…

scrollableText=<b>These will be our fees for the upcoming season:</b><br><br>18 Holes $83.50<br>Twilight 1 $67.00<br>

it has a <b> right next to the = and it works fine…

– my next guess –
i THINK it may be because of the <font> tag. anytime i used that it screws everything up, although it is weird that it would affect previous text.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too - especially since I’m using the <u> tag and it works for one but not the other? That’s just not right!

Any other suggestions would be most appreciated! :beam:

Oh duh. It’s because I had chosen to embed all fonts for the dynamic textbox. :trout:

I always forget about that one. Funny how having that checked you can still do other tags like <u> <font color> <a herf> <br> but NOT <b>. I guess it makes sense but it’s still weird!

sortMC = "<b><u>Memos</u></b><br><br><font color ='#738DD9'><a href = ''><u>blah website</u></a></FONT><br>";
  • Take note of what this actionscript is.
  1. The spaces for the equal sign does not matter.
  2. There MUST be quotes from beginning to end for an HTML statement.
  3. Your answer was TWO <br> tags.
  4. Use “http://” for links, always.
  5. Remember to end your statement with the “;” symbol at the end.
  • Yes I know, I’m the man. :p: -

shloud be:

sortMC = "<b><u>Memos</u></b><br><FONT COLOR=\"#738DD9\"><a href = \"\"><u>blah website</u></a></FONT><br>";

*Originally posted by fluid_tw0 *
**shloud be:

sortMC = "<b><u>Memos</u></b><br><FONT COLOR=\"#738DD9\"><a href = \"\"><u>blah website</u></a></FONT><br>";


So if I have more text after that last <br> does the quotation mark go around that too?

i don’t get it…

Lunatic, trust me. Just use the code I gave you. All you have to do is add ’ ’ to whenever you have text.

Fluid, it doesnt have to be anything else other than what I used. Mine works perfect and it’s easy to understand…

*Originally posted by Sharif *

sortMC = "<b><u>Memos</u></b><br><br><font color ='#738DD9'><a href = ''><u>blah website</u></a></FONT><br>";
  1. There MUST be quotes from beginning to end for an HTML statement.
  2. Your answer was TWO <br> tags.
  3. Use “http://” for links, always.

#3. I WANT two <br> tags. Actually I have several throughout the whole thing because there are several memos to list and I don’t want the big 'ol space in between them. That part actually works fine :smiley:
#4. As you have written the html statement only has single quotation marks but you use double in the #4 statement? :h:

Actually just unchecking the embed font option on the dynamic text box made everything work just fine. But to play it safe I will incorporate what you suggested (granted I can work out the double and single quotation mark issue! ) :wink:

And by the way, when I add " " around EVERYTHING then those quotation marks show up in my dynamic text field . . . :wink:

Then you’re doing something wrong because It worked perfect for me. You must be thinking this the wrong way…I can’t explain this, you just gotta get it. Oh well :sigh:…

Hey Sharif,

Look at the AS that you posted:

sortMC = “<b><u>Memos</u></b><font color =’#738DD9’><a href = ‘’><u>blah website</u></a></FONT>”;


You have double quotation marks beginning right after the = sign and going all the way to just before the ;

When I do this to my text file, exactly the way you have it printed above, then it prints the quotation marks. :sigh:

If I remove them, and do not embed the font, then everything works just dandy. :thumb:

Thanks for the link Claudio - seems like someone else had the same problem! :pleased:

Welcome :slight_smile:

That’s because it’s actionscript! You’re not supposed to put that in your text file…god. :sigh:

Yeah but this whole post was started because I was loading a textfile and the html tags weren’t working. I wasn’t looking to use AS for this at all! So no offense dude but I don’t get what you are getting at. I know how to format the text in AS but I have like 25 different text files to load and I’m looking to format them the same way and load them dynamically. So thanks for your help :beer: but it wasn’t really relative to this particular situation. :-\

My bad, in that case, yea you could just take off the quotes.