Html texfield and duplicatemovie

Hi everyone, i ld need some help because this getting me dumb…
I have a script with a movieclip wich i duplicate with duplicateMovieClip.
In this movieclip there is a texfield with many properties

[font=Courier new]txt_content.multiline = true;
txt_content.selectable = true;
txt_content.type = "dynamic";
txt_content.wordWrap = true;
txt_content.autoSize = true;
txt_content.border = false;
txt_content.html = true;
txt_content._x = 0;
txt_content._y = 0;
txt_content._width = 300;

I m passing html text when duplicating each movieclip and assigning it to the textfield in the mc, but all the html code between tags is not showing up :// there is only flat text, everything in tags disseapears…

Its working if i m using a textarea but i cant find the same property like
[font=Courier new][font=Verdana][/font][/font]

[font=Courier new][font=Verdana]

txt_content.autoSize = true;


have you got anyidea plz ? thanks in advance.