HTML Text Wrap CDONTS Email


First of all, I have created the email script from scratch and I am currently using CDONTS to send the email via an ASP page.

I have several textarea’s that are filled in by the Administrator of the site with the relevant information. Although not all textareas have to have date entered into them.

The problem I am receiving is that when the email is received by the user, the text is not wrapped, it all appears on one line.

I have all of the data displayed in a TABLE which has a set width of 600 pixels, although this does not seem to stop the text scrolling to the right.

Can anyone offer a work around for wrapping the text in the email that is received?

Let me know if you need to see my code, or a preview of the email.


Hi all,

I’m facing the same problem as SMC, and the whole damm text does not wrap, but instead displays as a single line. SMC, if you’re reading this, could you pls post your code (as you mentioned that the problem was solved) somewhere so I can have a look? Anyone else can help with this problem? Thanks.

NOTE: I’m a newbie to ASP, and I’m just playing around with making a simple form2email script. I’m currently modifying mike hall’s asp form2eamil script to acheive this when the problem occured. You can download my problematic script from

Pls help! Thanks!