Yeah, I think im interested in looking into this… can you give me some more information? Like uptime and technical support and such? Contact me by email if you need.

I use Ensim for control panel software. You can check out for a demo of the site.

All I can say is that I host my own site on my own server. I want my site to be up, so if mine is, so will yours.

I am new here but it dawned on me you might want to consider changing the name of your website to something other than ask the fool. Think about it.


the monthly bandwith is too small for me…

$2/gig for bandwidth used in excess of plan.

YOU like purple, you even made the earth in your sig purple!
I dislike this color, it’s cold, and i prefer pure blue or red.

Silver/Grey (same color basically) and Black.

But I also like Orange and Blue as well.

That is all I will say in this section, being it is not the original topic.


why not say you like the 16 basic color palette?




I like websafe, lol.
(what was this thread about…? sorry to spam here…)