HTTPService question (non-Flex)

I had it suggested that I use the HTTPService() method to post a variable value to a SQL Server database. The suggestion came from someone with some past experience in Flash but nothing specifically related to posting variables to a database. I’m a noob in this too so we’re the blind leading the blind.

This person sent me the following code snippet that he found in a Flex forum (and changed a bit), with a suggestion that maybe it will work with a bit of massaging.

private function start():void  { 
   service = new HTTPService(); 
   service.url = "http://webServer.aspx"; 
   service.method = "POST"; 
   service.resultFormat = "object"; 

   var params:Object = new Object(); 
   params.learnerName= "myVar value"; 

My biggest problem is that I’m using Flash instead of Flex. What is the Flash (non-Flex) equivalent of HTTPService() method in the following code snippet? Or am I even on the right track?