Hue... special effect

I’m trying to make a line of dots, and do so that they move like they are connected to each other. For instance, if I pull on 1 dot, the neighbouring dots will also move.

I have absolutely ZERO idea on how to do that but I absolutely want to do it, so any input is welcome.


pom :asian:

I’m not 100% clear on what you mean here…but you probly have it figured out by now…do you mean something like this?

<embed src=“” height=300 width=345></embed>

Thanks for answering, Jubby, I was losing faith (because I did NOT figure it out at all…:*( )
OK, so take your swf, attach the K and the M to the walls, and then I want to be able to pull on any letter and make it strech like it’s an eastic. See what I mean? (it could be close to that).

pom :asian:

OK, I’ve come up with some code that will do this effect you showed me. I’m having a hard time doing what I want though… Doh!

pom :asian:

i’ll work on it but i won’t be able to put any real effort into it for a while.

Pom, can you show me? Id love to play, too!

if you can’t do it Pom, I doubt very many people can.

I think I know what you mean though!