Huge favour to ask

i’ve got a huge favour to ask to any of you americans. i’m really desperate on getting a phoenix suns shirt. as usual, belgium is really behind on nba jerseys, i basically went to every spot i could imagine where they’re supposed to have this jersey, but no luck. last years 76’ers, last years bulls, last years lakers, but no suns jersey, and i really want this one :frowning:

so here it goes: i wonder if someone is willing to send me the suns jersey over to europe through ups, dhl or whatever. i’ll pay you the way you want to be paid, i’ll pay the shipping, i’ll pay any other expenses you might have. the jersey i want is in the pic.

Suns Replica Jersey, Orange
Player: marion (#31)
Model: not the tank top but the shoulder cut
Brand: Reebok
Size: XL

so basically the exact same as shown in the pic, only i need #31 and XL size.
if anyone could help me out here, it would me highly appreciated and you’ll have my eternal gratitude