Huge friggin file sizes!

[font=Arial Black]Help! i have dial-up and i can’t downlaod the 98-meg demo of flashMX. is there any way i can get it in a zip file or something? or can anyone find me a zipped demo of flash5?anything over 10 megs takes too long, and i don’t have the cash to buy flashMX right now.:-/ [/font]

To make it simple no. The demo is in a zip file already or if not it’s and exe and it would still take you forever to download it.

I downloaded flash MX04 trial on a 56k, took 7 hours 16 minutes, but I did it overnight. I also have a copy of the flash 5 trial, it’s 18.5mb. Let me know if you want to try to download it, I’ll upload it so you can.

Hunt around some of the developer magazines. They usually have a 30 trial copy on CD’s